BeastGrip PRO photo tools used by CarData

We are proud to say that at CarData, Inc. our field merchandising reps have the ability to innovate and change certain things as they see fit. If something can be done better, DO IT! Corporate management approval isn’t necessary in our company as long as the end result benefits our customers in a positive way.

Today one of our top reps decided to try out the new BEASTGRIP to make her vehicle videos more steady with less of a “bounce” on them. They came out EXCELLENT! CarData is a company you can rely on to support you in every way possible when it comes to innovating and coming up with better processes to get the job done.

We ( LOVE the BeastGrip ( and our dealer clients are SUPER happy with the outcome!

BeastGrip PRO - CarData, Inc.
BeastGrip PRO – CarData, Inc.