Homenet SnapLot 360 Helps JD Byrider Customer Experience

Watch nearly any major news outlet these days, and you’re likely to hear some discussion of the economy and consumer habits. Recently, consumer confidence has been fluctuating, as market trends across numerous industries change in response to politics, tariffs, and more. As Americans look for new ways to purchase a vehicle, many dealerships are now offering Buy Here Pay Here programs, which encourage consumers to finance the vehicle through the dealership itself. 

While BHPH is gaining ground, dealers are still facing the age-old challenge of getting customers through the door and onto the lot. But a recent partnership between two major companies in the automotive world may make this process easier. As a top reseller of HomeNet Automotive, CarData, Inc. loves to see when partnerships are made at the corporate level and they work out in a big way!

You can find the original press release on the J.D Byrider blog page.

HomeNet Automotive, J.D. Byrider Partner to Elevate Buy Here Pay Here Consumer Experience

J.D. Byrider today announced it has partnered with HomeNet Automotive to bring SnapLot 360 technology to its store operators, delivering a more transparent online customer experience through immersive vehicle imaging.

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With approximately 30 corporate stores and 120 franchise stores in the Buy Here Pay Here auto retail space, J.D. Byrider is working to reimagine what it means to shop for a car in this segment by using new digital technology that helps consumers make a connection with a vehicle online before they enter a store. Using HomeNet’s SnapLot 360 solution will enable J.D. Byrider to deliver on these objectives and help store operators improve online merchandising efforts by boosting vehicle turn and reducing time to market.

Launched earlier this year, HomeNet’s SnapLot 360 is a 360-degree image capture solution that drives increased visibility to dealers’ online sales platforms through an iOS and Android compatible application. Through the application, dealers can capture both exterior and interior 360-degree images and syndicate them to top website and listing providers in the industry, including Dealer.com and Autotrader. Additionally, the new solution enables dealers to tag specific features as hot spots, helping to increase customer engagement and provide a deeper understanding about the vehicle.

“At J.D. Byrider, we’re invested in being the consumer choice in helping people get a fresh opportunity to finance and own a quality vehicle,” said Marie Lafkiotes, chief marketing and digital officer of J.D. Byrider. “By integrating with SnapLot 360, our store operators will be able to provide an elevated online experience that will separate them from competitors and enable customers to easily shop our inventory from anywhere on any device.  This is a key component of our digital transformation.”

A pilot of the SnapLot 360 integration will take place in approximately 12 J.D. Byrider stores, split between corporate and franchise locations. The integration with HomeNet’s flexible inventory platform will enable inventory photos to be housed online and automatically populate on J.D. Byrider website listings. Store operators will also have the ability to display pricing specifics — key to driving a more transparent experience for consumers. HomeNet’s photo backgrounding, a turnkey image enhancement offering, will also be available to enable dealers to change the background of vehicles to save time on staging, ensure consistency and ease integration with third-party sites.

“Bringing SnapLot 360 to J.D. Byrider is a significant milestone that will help drive greater transparency and engagement in the Buy Here Pay Here shopping experience,” said John Hensman, vice president and general manager of HomeNet. “With SnapLot 360, we’re helping dealers increase trust and enabling consumers to make more informed buying decisions.”

For more information about SnapLot 360, visit: https://www.homenetauto.com/products/snaplot-360.asp.

About HomeNet
HomeNet Automotive gets inventory out of your systems and in front of online shoppers. Today’s car shoppers are researching, locating and evaluating cars online before they ever set foot in a physical dealership. Yet, dealers struggle to ensure inventory is consistently updated and distributed to all online destinations with speed, accuracy and quality. At HomeNet, we help dealers and industry partners merchandise and distribute their inventory from one unified platform and seamlessly push this information to their own website and all their third-party advertising sources. Based in Exton, PA, with offices across the U.S., HomeNet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cox Automotive.

About J.D. Byrider
J.D. Byrider is the Indianapolis-based leading used car sales and finance business consisting of over 140 franchised and company-owned dealerships in over 30 states.

Why This Matters to Your Dealership

This partnership between HomeNet and J.D. Byrider is indicative of a larger trend within the automotive industry. The traditional methods of financing and marketing dealer inventory are no longer moving vehicles as effectively as online retail. In effect, these two companies have recognized that new options that empower the customer to make all of their decisions, from finding and researching the vehicle to paying for it, are more likely to result in a sale than simply running radio ads.

Getting your listings onto sites beyond your main dealer site is the key to successful sales online. One of the biggest parts of this partnership is that users of the SnapLot360 system will be able to upload the images to their listings on major sites like Dealer.com and Autotrader. This is especially valuable, as an estimated 78% of all car shoppers make use of a third-party sales site to begin their research and shopping experience.

Much in the same way that high-quality images and videos can make your website stand out from local competitors, including these assets on third-party sales sites can help you make sales to customers who may be searching for a vehicle at the national level. This connects you with a larger pool of buyers, increasing your chances to convert them into paying customers. Not only that, but these same video and photo assets can be used on your dealers’ social media pages. With 22% of car shoppers using social media to look for a new vehicle, these assets can be an invaluable tool in capturing this part of the market.

New Technology Helps Make New Sales

One of the reasons that we at CarData, Inc. utilize the systems and video software offered by HomeNet is because of its innovative approach to sales. The fact is, unless the consumer is particularly well-educated about the systems and specs within a vehicle, most consumers will not have any interest in a list of details and data points. 

That’s why we use the tags in our SpinCar360 videos to highlight the features that consumers are most interested in. For instance, in-dash navigation and entertainment systems are now standard on most trim levels in new vehicles. But using the tags in the video, you can point out the other valuable features that drivers can access through the dash. For used vehicle sales, you can use the tags to point out upgraded features, or places where damage has been repaired, or detail work has been completed.

How These Videos Help With BHPH Sales

For dealers offering BHPH payment options, the end goal is to get more online customers to your site and filling out credit applications. However, they won’t do this if they don’t feel confident in the purchase they’re making and if they don’t feel like you’re advertising your vehicles honestly. 

Detailed and impressive videos like the ones we offer are an easy way to address both of these issues at the same time. By taking clear videos of each of the cars on your lot, you’re offering your online customers the closest thing they can get to the in-person car buying experience. They’ll be able to pour over every inch of the vehicle and inspect it visually for cosmetic defects, and to get a sense of the car suits their tastes. After all, the more information you offer, the more likely they are to trust you as a seller.

Not only that, but videos have been shown to hold online shoppers’ attention longer than simple text listings. Everyone likes to watch a video, and even more so they like to engage with them. That’s why our SpinCar360 videos are so effective. They keep your customers on your listings longer, improving the likelihood of them actually purchasing the vehicle through your dealership.

Improve Your BHPH Sales With Videos Today

Ready to stand out from your competitors? Want to connect with customers in a new way? Then it’s time to connect with CarData, Inc. We offer premium car dealer photography and video services. We help you utilize these assets on your dealer site and other third-party sales sites so you can capture your share of the ever-growing online auto sales market. Contact us today and ask about our SpinCar360 videos!