Dealerships are moving quickly to make online shopping friendly & engaging. The recent pandemic has uncovered holes in dealership websites. One of the biggest issues found was on the VDP’s themselves, long load times, terrible photos & nothing that intrigues the online shopper to engage with the product (Your Vehicle). Dealers found they needed to completely revamp the way they merchandise their products if they wanted online shoppers to feel comfortable enough to do business with them without coming into the dealership to purchase.

Just this month, Google released data on how COVID-19 impacted the auto industry and how people are shopping for vehicles during the pandemic. According to their study, “U.S. search interest for “dealership near me” dropped more than 20 percent in March 2020 versus February 2020. But people still want to engage with vehicles as they would on a dealership lot.”

Google asked car shoppers to rank activities they’d prefer as a good alternative to visiting a dealership:

  1. At-home test drive
  2. Review videos
  3. Digital showroom
  4. Online configurator
  5. VR test drive
  6. Video conference

Online shoppers are looking for a virtual shopping experience!

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Mobile Friendly Interactive Spin360 Merchandising
Mobile Friendly Interactive Spin360 Merchandising