Dodge Demon Logo taken by CarData

Why is your vehicle $1,000 more than the vehicle that looks EXACTLY the same when a customer is just browsing through hundreds of vehicle listings? Customers do all of their research online and are typically overloaded with information and become impatient when browsing. That’s why its critical to quickly & efficiently point out what makes your vehicle worth the money and why they should take the next step WITH YOUR DEALERSHIP in their shopping/buying process.

Our professionally trained automotive photographers at CarData, Inc. ( ensure that your vehicles selling points are highlighted and are at the forefront of all of our merchandising techniques. We understand that your Silver 2017 Hyundai Sonata is $1,500 more than another Silver 2017 Hyundai Sonata because it has Leather seats & sunroof so those things need to be pointed out immediately in photos, videos and comments.

You need a company that understands your business. CarData, Inc. ( brings over 20 Years of automotive advertising experience to the table and can help your dealership retail more vehicles via your online presence.

Please check out SPINCAR360 ( which is an awesome product that we resell & provide for some of our clients. This tool allows you to point out the selling points of your vehicles while giving the online shopper the control they want during the browsing process.