Vehicle Merchandising for 2019 Banner CarData

The end of the year is upon us and with that comes a large marketing push from automotive dealerships. You know the typical, year end clearance, holiday commercials, and inventory reduction sales (huh?). This is the time of year when you need to market like the world, or year, is ending. People are out of work for extended holidays, watching more TV than normal, flipping through websites with increased velocity and maybe sitting down to read the paper a bit more. The holidays are the perfect time to get your new or used inventory into the hands of the people.     

Holiday Themed Images

We all know that changing up your inventory is the best way to get it noticed. When a potential car buyer sees a different picture of the car they have their eye on, it just may entice them enough to pull the trigger and head down to your dealership. The best way to make that happen is with seasonal photo shoots of your inventory. The ads are out there that feature the same old cars that never seem to be sold, not only make your dealership look like it is low on traffic, potential buyers want to see a constantly rotating selection of new and exciting vehicles. New images of existing inventory can spruce up your website or ads enough to get you noticed. After all, who doesn’t like a new look at the car they have been dreaming about for the last year. Holiday themed images, not only promote the dealership, but show that your inventory is ready just in time for the gift giving season.

Holiday Walkaround Videos

Do you really need a holiday walkaround video? Of course you do, and CarData is the inventory photographer that can make your videos like a Hallmark movie. Meaning it will make every guy in Miami want to turn off the TV and head down to the car dealership. In all seriousness, videos are one of the most effective ways to reach a large audience. As we have discussed before, the power of video is poised to be one of the most effective sales tools of 2019. The sheer number of people utilizing platforms like YouTube as a search engine is incredible. More and more, consumers want to forgo heading to the dealership for relaxing in their easy chair scrolling through videos. This is your opportunity to take advantage of this little utilized resource. At CarData, we produce some of the most attractive videos in the industry and we know how to highlight the best parts of your vehicle, making it stand out from the rest of the noise out there. Get on board the video trend with CarData today!

Interactive Videos

One of the most dynamic features that CarData currently is offering our clients is the Spincar® 360 degree walkaround. Now, potential customers can kick the tires, look under the hood, and even get a good look at the spare tire. The 360 degree walkaround is the next generation of vehicle videos. It is a fully interactive way to look at a vehicle, and also extremely effective at getting vehicles in front of potential buyers. The potential for the 360 walkaround feature to be utilized in a virtual reality capacity is just starting to become a possibility. Jumping on board early is one of the best ways to be out in front when the technology comes to main street.

Happy Holidays!

Regardless of whether you are getting new images, videos, or a 360 walkaround this holiday season, CarData is your most trusted new and used car merchandising professionals. As we bring the year to a close, we want to remind you that CarData is proud to serve hundreds of dealerships around the southeast. We want you, our clients, to know just how much you mean to us this time of year. We truly value each and every one of you and cannot wait to see what 2019 brings. On top of providing the highest quality images, we pledge to continue to offer the most cutting edge technology. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments of 2018, resulting in many happy clients. If you have had a positive experience and would like to leave us a review, please contact us today. Here’s to an amazing 2018 and an even more prosperous 2019!