CarData, Inc. Believes in 24/7-365 customer service. We don’t just say that or use it as our slogan, we live it everyday and it’s the foundation in which the company was built. Any great company you’ll notice how they differentiate themselves is customer service.

Live It

My team walked into a large Volkswagen dealer for some automotive inventory photography, just yesterday. We waited in the customer waiting area and we were approached 3x within 10 minutes. First by the greeter whom asked the nature of our visit, 2nd by a sales person whom simply made sure we were being taken care of and 3rd again by the greeter with a basket offering snacks while we waited. This may seem like overkill to some, but to us it was delightful to see how much this company cares about the people on their property & in their building customers and solicitors alike.

The Customer is Always…

Culture goes a long way in business and it starts by understanding the customer is not always right but that they ALWAYS should get what they want and feel appreciated in the process. If you are a car dealer and feel under appreciated or under serviced by your current advertising agency or lot service company please contact us today at 954-815-1728.