Dealership Photography is all about the perfect setting

As professional videographers and photographers, we think about things like setting, backgrounds and lighting. At CarData, our goal is to make your stock of vehicles look the absolute best, and that includes the setting as a whole. This is the reason that CarData is Miami’s number one dealership photographer for online, print, and advertising needs. We take into account the little details that make an image or video truly stand out in the typical noise that is splattered all over the internet. It helps to be trained, but what our photographers capture is on a different level, we are true professionals.

In Search of The Perfect Shot

So you may ask, what do we look for when we show up to do a photo shoot? If it were that easy we think that more people would do it, and many photographers do just fine submitting poorly set up images on their smartphones. Many automotive dealerships are still using this arcane practice and, unfortunately, it is painfully obvious to clients that the images are not professional. Many dealerships utilize professionally designed websites that are packed with dynamic design features and gorgeous images. In this day and age there is no excuse for having unprofessional images on the inventory feed and potential buyers will notice. Implementing a user experience plan for the inventory section of your website is critical component in increasing sales. Utilizing a professional service like CarData is the best way to maximize the image quality and drive sales.

Setting the Scene

A great-looking car can be wrecked by photographing it in the wrong setting, and if your normal inventory photography takes place behind the shop by a cinder block wall, it is time to change up your game. Nobody is going to want to come to your dealership if it looks like you operate out of the back of the laundromat next door either. Setting the stage for your inventory images is critical, not only for marketing your business but presenting your stock in the best possible light. We take great pains to set the proper stage for our clients. One of our favorite settings is a shot of the outside of the dealership with the brand prominently displayed and the vehicle displayed clearly in all of its glory. This type of image speaks volumes and will leave searchers looking for more information. Just one click and they can have all of the details about their dream car.

Put Your Best Ford Forward

Media is going to get you more exposure, more visitors, and ultimately more vehicle sales. It does not matter if you have a small dealership that moves a small number of cars every month or a large multi-location network that moves hundreds, you need quality image management. Substandard cars can look fantastic in the right setting and the CarData team are experts at putting your inventory in the right setting. If you are ready to take your online automotive inventory marketing to the next level, contact us today and we will help you strategize about your image marketing efforts. Please join us for our next blog about innovative marketing techniques and how CarData can help you make the most of your budget.