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Inventory Merchandising is arguably the most important aspect of any retail operation. That is especially true in the automotive space. The article below highlights a partnership between 2 awesome companies that help dealers to sale more cars! 

CHICAGO – With a service partnership between auto industry software provider MAX Digital and inventory consulting company Lotpop, MAX Digital says participating dealers can sell more cars and capture more gross through the use of its inventory management product along with Lotpop’s staffing and process guidance.

MAX Digital says it provides a dataset for inventory management with millions of VINs analyzed daily, and also provides rich market data and stores specific sales history to help drive what it describes as smart stocking decisions. Performance tracking can be customized by dealership. The tracking focuses on improvement areas such as time to market for vehicle descriptions with a dealer-set number of minimum images.

In addition to staffing and system guidance, Lotpop provides ongoing review of dealership inventory processes that it says builds sustained results over time.

MAX Digital says Galpin Honda is the second-highest-volume U.S. Honda store, and Galpin’s reconditioning manager Joe Uphoff said in a news release that since starting with Lotpop and MAX Digital, the company has begun producing record used car sales.

“We’ve seen a 36% increase in front end gross year-over-year, all with millions less in carry costs,” Uphoff said. “[Lotpop owner Jasen Rice] and the Lotpop team offer you easy-to-understand usable data so that you can focus on the areas that matter for your store.”

Everything Max Digital builds is focused on delivering performance for its dealerships, said MAX Digital executive vice president Mike Cavanaugh.

“Lotpop has the same total results focus,” Cavanaugh said. “Adding the dedicated experienced team that Lotpop provides to MAX tools [simply] creates a system that delivers undeniable results.”

Cavanaugh also said MAX Digital’s pricing advantage is important for Lotpop, “because it allows them to bundle in their hands-on services and fully engage in the dealer’s processes, while still delivering significant total savings over tools clients had been using.”

Rice of Lotpop said his company is proud of the “exceptional value this partnership provides.”

“MAX Digital has rock-solid professional grade tools that help us drive meaningful unit sales growth for our clients with a better gross per vehicle at a surprisingly low cost,” Rice said.

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