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We are going into the season that is ideal for new car buying. Many of us will consider the possibility of trading our vehicle in for the newest and best. We all know that manufacturers release the 2019 model years in July or August and, depending on what is released, it can really jumpstart consumer spending. Whether you run a dealership or an independent automotive outlet, now is the time to begin the creative marketing for the fall season. Regardless of whether you are a marketing genius or simply struggle to post on social media once a week, the experts at CarData are ready to help. As we have previously discussed, there is nothing more powerful for merchandising your vehicle inventory than a visual marketing program. Utilizing enhanced, professional images that highlight the unique features of your vehicles can increase conversions exponentially. Videos are the new king of media and in the world of short attention spans, 30 seconds of vehicle walkaround footage will speak volumes for your sales.

Switching Platforms

Maybe you are using vehicle images in the old standby platforms of vehicle advertising magazines or the newspaper. These formats can be very effective if you are trying to reach the audience that will read the newspaper and an advertising publication. Of course the new generation of consumers are digesting content in a much different way than the older population. It brings to mind the phenomenon of MTV back in the 1980s. Everyone was just sure that radio was dead due to the more dynamic format of music videos. Soon however, MTV ceased playing music videos altogether and has probably not aired a video in the last decade. When this occurred, the general public probably thought that music videos were extinct. Enter YouTube and music videos are watched millions of times in this format. The point being that no matter which platform you choose, the key is adaptability. When marketing your inventory, what matters the most is getting customer eyes on your stock. That may mean making videos for posting on social media, or dynamic images to post in the Sunday paper. We will provide you with the finest possible meda but it is up to you to decide what to do with it.

Stay Agile

Many of us fall into a rut after a few years and simply grow complacent with our marketing plan. Simply spending your marketing budget every month on the same old platforms might work, but you could be reaching so many more potential customers. The thing to remember is that there are so many advertising channels in this day and age it is difficult to choose which one to use regularly. The joy of social media is that, unless you really want to, you do not have to pay for the service. A business can pretty much post whatever it wants and potentially reach the segment of buyers you are looking for. The best way to use social media is to opt for the post boosting ads that are available. YouTube is similar and very effective at reaching customers with professionally produced videos. The millennial generation is much more inclined to research a major purchase with a search engine like YouTube and social media like Facebook and Instagram.     

Exceptional Images and Videos                        

Now, regardless of what marketing channel you are using, the quality of your media is the key to making sure that your ads are noticed. Poor quality images and grainy video are the easiest way to lose credibility with your client base. At CarData, we want to make sure that your dealership and your inventory is portrayed in the best possible way. We have an entire team of professional photographers and videographers standing by to create the ultimate series of images for your fall marketing campaign. We have recently partnered with SpinCar, the leader in 360 degree, interactive video walkaround. The SpinCar system is ideal for applications like virtual reality and can give the customer a unique experience.

Let’s Get Started

If you are ready to shake up your marketing plan, now is the time to contact the professionals at CarData. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to show you the power of the CarData system.