Do you need statistics or big data to analyze your own online shopping habits? I don’t think so. With that being said, when’s the last time you were shopping online and purchased, or even clicked on something, without a photo? If you are in retail, specifically vehicle sales, you know that first impression is everything and high quality photos provide specific documentation and can increase the likelihood that a potential customer will get excited about a certain vehicle. Videos can exponentially increase the exposure of your vehicle inventory, and these days, youtube is becoming a standard source for information for potential customers.

The Power of Image

We all know that media, both images and videos, is the most powerful ways to influence what consumers as a whole are interested in. As we pointed out before, when was the last time you bought something online without seeing a picture first. Look at Craigslist for example how many times have you been browsing around for a new car and clicked on a listing without a picture? Probably never. If customers can’t see what you are offering, they are unlikely to buy. At CarData we make sure that your inventory has the proper merchandising for maximum exposure. With a dedicated image and video team we can showcase your vehicle inventory in the proper glory. Take these two cars, the red one an Alfa Romeo and in silver, a Mercedes. The Alfa is wrapped up in a bow on the showroom floor and the Mercedes is in an aggressive stance signaling it is ready to drive. Both of these cars when presented this way, almost scream “DRIVE ME HOME!”

The Power of Video

Just think, however if we could experience the speed and rail-like-cornering of the Alfa or the impressive, luxury performance of the Mercedes. At CarData video services, we can shoot, produce and market a video of your vehicle and truly put your customers into the experience. Getting your inventory out there is critical to making the deal happen and CarData is Miami’s premier automotive inventory photographer and videographer. Contact us today for more information about our ever expanding services and make an impact on your sales.