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We have discussed a lot of different options for image marketing of your dealership stock of vehicles. We have briefly talked about social media, videos, and walkaround technology. All of this is to get people in the door to look, and hopefully, buy a vehicle. Today however we wanted to reiterate our love of cars and talk about some of our favorite cars. CarData is kind of a dream job for us as we get to be around amazing cars all day, of course we also are privileged enough to get to see the most boring cars on the planet. But hey, we love boring cars too! For instance if we were doing a photoshoot with a Toyota Prius, one of the most boring cars ever built according to Autotrader. You might think that we would not put as much preparation into a vehicle like that, but regardless of what type of vehicle we are shooting, they all get the same treatment. Your trade in Subaru will get the same care as that Ferrari, because we know that these images are all about making each and every car in your inventory look like a million bucks. So without further ado we present you with our list of our favorite boring cars. (In no particular order.)

First of all, let’s look at what makes a car truly boring. First, a boring car must be reliable, because breaking down all the time is anything but boring. A boring car should have the majority of its models painted silver or gray. If it is a really boring car it will have multiple shades of gray and a crazy shade of red just to make it not so blah in marketing. The crown jewel of boring cars is their ability to blend in, and not be seen by mere mortals. Think of the last time you walked through a parking lot, chances are you did not even notice that you were surrounded by Accords, Corollas, Prius, and Chevy Tahoes. They blend in so well that, if not paying attention, their owners could miss them all together, and we all have seen that one Taurus abandoned in the mall parking lot after dark. Now you know what happend.           

Subaru Outback

The all-wheel drive Outback is one of the most popular cars in Northern California. There are pockets of this country in which there are more Subarus than people. They are hands down, one of the most boring cars to drive. They have good power but you will not be zooming past anyone on the interstate. They have a sensible interior, with a bluetooth sound system and that with one weird hole in the dash that nothing fits in. Subaru Outbacks are boring.

Ford Taurus

Named for a mythical bull that is connected to the astrological sign of the same name the Ford Taurus is hands down one of the most boring cars on the planet. With a swoopy design that can only be described as “pedestrian” and a mild, far-from-exciting engine, the Taurus is the workhorse of the industry. Slowly plodding along while others die on the side of the road, a Taurus will last for decades and still deliver the same reliable performance. Ford Tauruses are boring.

Dodge Caravan

The original minivan, the Caravan is the pinnacle of boring. It virtually invented the term “soccer mom” before Americans knew what soccer was and yoga pants were called panty hose. The Caravan is maddeningly sensible with its three rows of seats, sliding doors, and cup holders, (oh the cup holders.) It was with the caravan that we finally realized that you did not need a lot of power to haul around the entire family. While the Caravan is still going strong to this day we bet you can’t tell us the last time you saw one… because they are hiding. Yep, the Dodge Caravan is boring.

Toyota Prius

The ultimate community college professor car, the Prius is packed with boring features. It doesn’t even sound like a real car, it sounds like, like, nothing! The Prius is boring on your wallet, it has room for a small family, and is environmentally responsible. All amazing attributes on their own, but you put them together and you have one boring and perfect car for commuting. The most boring cars actually make the best commuters and provide worry free service. Yeah, the Toyota Prius is boring.

Volkswagen Jetta

The offshoot of the incredible, original, peoples car, the Beetle, the Jetta takes being boring to the next level. It is like you have a sensible German sitting next to you at all times. The safety rating is excellent, the engine has just enough pep to get you a speeding ticket and the interior is durable enough to withstand a four year old armed with a waffle cone. Yes, the Volkswagen Jetta is boring.                       

Honda Accord

Hands down the most boring car on the list is the ubiquitous Honda Accord. Legend has it that the Accord was so boring that Honda forgot to release it to the public one year, (not really.) The Accord can be a family car, a great first car, and the perfect commuter, it is as versatile as it is plain, it is the four wheeled equivalent to a sandwich without mustard and mayo. Coveted by its fans, the Accord has changed little since it was unleashed on the public back in the 1970s. It will forever and always will be the most boring car on the planet. The Honda Accord is boring.

Boring is Good

What do all of these incredible vehicles have in common? Not only are they boring but they are also some of the best vehicles on the planet. When you buy a Honda Accord, or any of the vehicles on this list, nobody will question your motives. They are safe, economical, and long lasting. No matter what kind of car you drive, there is a dealer out there that has exactly what you want. If you are a dealer, marketing boring cars is much easier with quality images and video. Boring cars almost always sell themselves but it is important to market them correctly. And yes, it is ok to highlight the extremely boring nature of these cars as long as the photographs look great. Oh and be sure and take a picture of that weird pocket in the dash, maybe someone will know what is supposed to go there. At CarData we can make your boring car inventory shine like the stars that they are! Contact us today for more information about our dealer inventory photographer services and let us help you sell some boring cars!