We know we spend a lot of time on automotive inventory photography for dealerships, and while that is CarData’s bread and butter, the automotive community is large here in Miami. There are thousands of vehicles for sale right now that have nothing to do with a dealership setting. Join us as we look at a few of the advantages to utilizing the CarData suite of image and video services.

Body Shops

Body shops tend to be a great place to buy a car that maybe has had a few unfortunate incidents. If you own a body shop, there is no doubt that from time to time you are using your skills for repairing cosmetically damaged vehicles and flipping them over for a profit. This may be one of the easiest way to bridge the gap, particularly when dealing with insurance companies as often as body shops. Many times the cars that come out of most body shops are repaired better than when they rolled out of the factory. The body panels fit better, the paint is much more smooth, and a vehicle just looks better without all of the chips and dings that happen over time. If you are a body shop owner, we would like to help you market your used vehicle inventory. We proudly offer a wide variety of services for body shops that sell vehicles also.


Many non-profit organisations offer vehicles for sale and many times they can be an incredible bargain. These cars and trucks are usually donated to the organization. This can be a huge windfall for the non-profit as they generally sell the vehicles and put the money back into the organization. The donations can range from amazing cars to total junkers, it all depends on the intent of the donor. There are times, when a donor will donate a car simply to get rid of it, and other times a vehicle is donated because of the owner’s desire to help the organization with the profits. Regardless, the intent is to get the most out of the vehicle and what better way to do that than with exceptional video and image services from CarData.     

Estate Sales and Auctions

Marketing auctions and estate sales is generally a hastily slapped together poster that most people see on the way to the bathroom. The opportunity to market your vehicle inventory for an auction is one of the best ways to get customers in the bidding seats. The power of an awesome, or unique vehicle to get people’s attention is undeniable and as the old saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! CarData can help you market your auction or estate sale with high quality images and video services.

Private Seller

Maybe you are a passionate vehicle restoration professional or a mechanic that like to flip some vehicles for extra cash, either way marketing your inventory is critical to getting the vehicles sold. Many small, private classic vehicle restorers churn out some incredible projects that they have every intention of selling. These artisans can find it hard to get their car into the hands of a large audience. At CarData we provide a wide variety of services for marketing your private collection.           

Vehicle Merchandising Solutions

No matter why you want to sell a car, the point is to get the most money for your investment. At CarData we have a wide variety of merchandising solutions to help you market and sell your vehicle, no matter your reason for selling.  

  • Video: Video is the cutting edge of marketing. In order to have a professional appearance your video must be polished and clean. Consumers can spot a unprofessional video right away and that is the last thing your want.
  • 360 Walkaround: We are extremely excited about our 360 interactive walkaround videos. The opportunity to showcase a specific vehicle is fully on display here. We use a combination of interactive, clickable content and dynamic images.          
  • Images:  While they may seem to be the least dynamic of the services we offer, images are by far, the most important way to market your vehicle.                  

Let CarData show you what we can do with your vehicle, or vehicle inventory. We take pride in being the most trusted automotive inventory photographer in the Miami area. Please contact us today to get started.