When you work in the industry we do, it seems like almost every day we are surrounded by beautiful vehicles. It can make you feel like Leo Dicaprio, who is always surrounded by beautiful women, except we are surrounded by beautiful cars. While our real passion is representing these gorgeous vehicles in the best possible way for our clients, our pulse quickens a bit when a new gorgeous car is moved into position. Yeah you got us, total car porn, at CarData we love cars.  

There Something About a Car

Ok, so a car does not have to be fast to be an incredible piece of machinery, worthy of drool inducing photos. We have been asked more than once, what our favorite cars are to photograph and to be honest, it has to be all of them. We get the same rush photographing images of a used minivan and making it look good as we do snapping images of an AMG Mercedes. We like the challenge of making each and every vehicle that we capture look like it did when it rolled off of the assembly line, and we believe every vehicle deserves its moment to shine. The dealerships that we have the pleasure of assisting with their inventory photography run the gamut from brand new luxury vehicles to older, used cars and we love them all. We do however, have a few cars that we think are really cool, for various reasons as you will see. So allow us to introduce you to the list of our favorite cars in no particular order.

Corvette Z06

The old standby sports car has been redesigned to feature some insane horsepower. Back in the 80’s and 90’s the Corvette was a shell of its former self; but with the renewed horsepower wars, reminiscent of the 1960’s, GM has finally decided to give us a car worthy of the Z06 badge. The new ‘Vette features 650 fire breathing horsepower and an unapologetic 650 foot pounds of torque. The launch on this beast is 0-60 is under three seconds, due to the insane supercharged aluminum 6.2 liter. The supercar is packed with carbon fiber bits including the roof and hood. Needless to say that the price tag is north of 80 grand, but all things considered, it is a bargain for the performance you get.                     

Ford GT

For an American vehicle, the Ford GT is an exclusive bonafide supercar. The original was an incredible feat of automotive engineering and the current production GT is no exception. In order to get a GT, there is a lengthy application process before they even let you put down the 450,000 dollars on the ride. And filling out an application is no guarantee that you will be approved by the mystery selection committee at the Detroit home office. The entire car has been meticulously designed in an air tunnel to maximize the slippery nature of the body through the air. The engine, only a V6 pounds out a jaw dropping 647 horsepower. Our money would be on the GT in a drag race over the “Vette, if we could actually be approved for one.           

BMW 8 Series

BMW’s answer to those who believe that money is no object when it comes to looking cool. If you get into a 2019 8 series, you my friend, are going to feel cooler than Elvis holding a spider monkey. The price tag is super steep and you definitely pay for the 500+ horsepower under the hood. The 8 series has the potential to be the coupe that all luxury cars are judged by with performance and technology all over the place.

Subaru WRX

The favorite of every teenage boy, the Subaru WRX has finally grown up. A vehicle that is a blast to drive and can still haul a kayak to the beach, who could want anything more? At just over 30k for a new one, the WRX is perfect if you want to have a little fun without dropping yourself into the poor house. Not only does this vehicle look awesome, but it is not so far out of the bounds of reality that you would feel bad driving it across the country.

Porsche 911  

If you have over 100 grand you can pretty much get an awesome 911. Porsche is an icon in the world of performance and fortunately, you can get one for a bit more than the Z06. Personally we think the GT2 RS is pretty spectacular. With 700 horsepower, and a top speed of 211 MPH we can’t think of a better way to spend more than 300,000. Oh yeah, the whole car weighs a smidge over 4,000 pounds, we will let you do the math.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

The new breed of Ferrari is the 812. The 12 standing for the number of cylinders that powers this beast. While the V12 is not the most efficient engine in the world, it can produce some big numbers and this vehicle is claimed to be Ferrari’s fastest street car ever. Personally, we think the Corvette is much more of a monster, but you really can’t argue against an Italian luxury vehicle like this.

Dodge Demon

Alas, the Demon is gone from production and we can truly say that it will be missed. A true titan among vehicles, the Challenger Demon set the whole industry on fire when Dodge threw this monkey wrench into the middle of the room. At over 800 horsepower and shipped without a rear or passenger seats, this thing is truly a factory drag racing car. Until the next big thing comes along the Demon is going to rule the streets and these cars will just grow in value.

The CarData Difference

Whether you have a brand new Ferrari or a ten year old WRX, getting it in front of the right customer is the key to getting the sale. At CarData, we will take professional images, videos, and multimedia content for your dealership website. You will find that we are professional, knowledgeable, and our inventory photographers are extremely talented. As you can see, we really love cars and can think of nothing better than taking pictures of your inventory. If you are ready to step your media game up to the next level, be sure and contact CarData for a consultation. Proudly serving Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.