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This is the time of year when everyone is thinking about what the next year will bring. From a business standpoint, it is time to get your ducks in a row when it comes to a more unique marketing solution for your dealership. You have probably explored all of the old standard avenues and maybe have been very successful. At CarData, we are committed to providing the finest inventory images and videos for a large contingent of dealerships throughout Florida and the Southeast. Ready to see what we can do your your business?


Update Your Marketing


Regardless of the size of your dealership, chances are you are doing at least some kind of marketing. While effective from a certain point of view, the old skinny blow up flailing man flopping around on the corner probably is not the best way to spend your budget. The best part about current technology is that the ability to launch an effective marketing campaign is all within the reach of every business owner. Not to say that your current marketing strategy needs to be abandoned completely, but rather enhanced. No matter what you are doing now, taking advantage of some of the new technology available for your marketing. Below are a few ideas to take your marketing to the next level.  


Social Media


It seems like every year that goes by, the more social media becomes ingrained into your lives. It is almost a constant in our lives, and it is rare that you find a person that is not connected in some way to social media. For all of its negative societal impacts, social media is an incredible way to market your automotive inventory. Not only do potential customers take to the internet before a major vehicle purchase, but they will also generally check out reviews and experiences of their peers. With excellent quality images from CarData you can market on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever platform you choose! Many of these platforms allow you to post images and content as often as you like. An effective way to find potential customers is through retargeting. Retargeting allows your ads to be seen by the audience you choose. Facebook survives on ads and it is a great way to get your inventory out there.




It works like this, when you make a Facebook page for your business, there are all kinds of opportunities for promotion. It is up to you if you want to spend extra on your campaign but you can boost individual posts or the whole page in order to gain more followers. Followers can equal sales if you can get the right vehicle in front of them. Images are king as are videos on Facebook, that is where the expertise of CarData producing high-quality inventory photos is invaluable.



One of the largest search engines, YouTube has become the clearing house for almost anything. Producing high quality videos is one of the best ways to get your inventory in front of the right eyes. When you leverage YouTube to market your inventory, you can continually push fresh content out there for everyone to see. At CarData we make some of the most effective walkaround videos of your inventory. These will not look like your shagger walking around with a smartphone, but professional quality video that is engaging and informative.




Your website is probably your main source of promotion and it can be one of the most effective as far as sales are concerned. Gone are the days when car shopping consisted of cruising the lot looking for the vehicle of your dreams. Many potential customers are now shopping from the comfort of their easy chair. This goes for research as well. As a society, we have more information available almost instantly than at any other time in history. This is all the more reason to make your dealership website an authority about your market. It is a fact that if visitors to your website cannot find what they are looking for in three seconds, they will move on to another source. This is where dynamic images and videos are the key to keeping visitors clicking on your site. Make it easy, almost intuitive, to find inventory on your website. Keep it interesting but straightforward with good quality information about each of the vehicles. A tactic that many dealerships subscribe to is hiding the prices in lieu of the standard “call for price” language. This may be effective some of the time but, generally, you have to assume that customers will not put in the effort to call the dealership to find out a price. Make the prices clear and visible, while making it easy to find information about the vehicle itself. Include reviews, lots of images and if possible, a 360 walkaround. All of these together can make your website a dynamic car buying experience.




Maybe you have given up on print advertising but chances are, it has been effective and in reality it is not something to take lightly. While many are declaring the death of print as we know it, the truth is, many still depend on physical print media for their information. After all, who doesn’t love lounging around on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and the newspaper? Of course, there are many more print sources than the newspaper but advertisements are a great way to get your inventory seen. Local auto trader magazines are also a great forum for your images. But make no mistake, your inventory pictures should not be the typical rushed smartphone shot but high-quality images that highlight the detail.


CarData Is The Solution


Regardless of your marketing strategy, it is nearly impossible to sell a car without good quality images. The experts at CarData can provide many different types of inventory photos. Say you do not have time to have the vehicle detailed. We can take excellent looking pictures so you can get it up on the website immediately. We specialize in photo branding and will utilize your dealership signage to make it very clear where the car is located. As far as videos, we have years of experience documenting vehicles of all types and conditions. A video, to the right customer, can sell the car. We are currently offering a new service called SpinCar 360°. This incredible video technology is truly a game changer when it comes to car shopping. Picture an interactive walkaround where you can zoom in and inspect every aspect of the car. You can see what it is like to sit in the driver’s seat, pop the trunk, and even check out the engine. This is the future of car buying and CarData is an early adopter of this technology. The bottom line is, at Cardata we know how to produce images that, if used correctly, can be a recipe for success. If you have any questions about the process, our credentials and our proven track record in Florida and the Southeast, please contact one of our locations today. We look forward to hearing from you and value the business of our current and future clients. When you partner with CarData the result is picture perfect.