When was the last time that you bought something sight unseen? How about the last time you looked in the wanted ads to find the perfect car? We are willing to bet that the answer to those questions are “never”. In today’s media heavy society there are probably not too many customers that roll into a dealership without first looking into the inventory online. This is especially true for those desiring an used vehicle. Visibility is the key to closing a sale and CarData is committed to providing our clients with the tools they need to make a decision.

Solving Problems

Whether vehicle buyers and car dealers alike like to admit it or not, car buying is a problem. Now buying a car is not a “problem” in the traditional sense it is more like solving a riddle. The buyer may or may not be set on a vehicle and it is up to the dealership to provide cars that might appeal to the client’s lifestyle and needs. On the other hand the buyer might have different ideas about what type of vehicle they want and end up in a high pressure sales situation, getting less than what they want. The solution to these problems, for both the dealer and the customer, is the internet. Visual merchandising from CarData provides both parties with the tools to solve the problem of car buying.


If you think about it the internet is just one big jumble of images and mediocre content. Some images stand out more than others. Some are funny, some are sad, and many serve no purpose whatsoever. Cutting through the haze of images out there can be a challenge for many dealerships and making your inventory stand out from the noise is what we do best. Superior quality photos of your inventory vehicles are essential to driving customers to your dealership. One of the most important services we offer is our photo branding feature. This feature integrates your branding into a professional photograph, highlighting everything the potential buyer needs in order to find the vehicle in the picture. While traditional photos are just fine for visibility, conversions depend on getting the proper information in the clients’ hands and making it very easy for them to contact you. That is done with branded photos from CarData.


Platforms like YouTube are impossible to ignore these days and it is already one of the largest search engines in the world. The majority of consumers would rather watch as video online than walk acres of cars searching for just the right one. So isn’t it time to get on the YouTube train and gain some momentum? Regardless of the seemingly endless amount of content available, only a small percentage of small businesses utilize videos on YouTube to promote their inventory. This means that the dealer across the road may not be using videos to highlight their inventory. If you aren’t either, it is time to change that with a walkaround video from CarData. Setting up a YouTube channel is very easy but getting high quality, professional video is much more difficult. Shooting a walkaround video of a vehicle takes some experience. Our professional videographers will get just the perfect angle and make the viewer feel like they can almost catch a whiff of the new car smell.


The ultimate in cutting edge technology to highlight your inventory is the SpinCar system. This is a virtual reality way to shop for a car. You can zoom in, spin the car, inspect small details and even pop the hood to check out the powerplant. We are incredibly excited to partner with SpinCar to enhance our media offerings. The future is in integrating 360 walkarounds, branded photos and videos into one simple package.

Let Us Help You

If you are ready to take your visual merchandising to the next level let us show you just how effective the CarData system can be for a small, medium and even large car dealership. We are eager to partner with you and your dealership to increase the number of customers through the door and drive conversions. Contact us today for more information about our services and the benefits of a solid visual strategy.