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Dealership Inventory Photography & Video Services


Vehicle Photos can be posted online immediately when they are traded in or purchased. We offer a variety of photo services such as: 

Pre-Detail Photos

Quality Post-Detail Photos

Photo Clipping

& Photo Branding



Capturing the attention of the automotive shopper is what it’s all about. Transparency about the vehicle you have for sale is a major plus, showing multiple quality photos is a start but giving the consumer a real video of the vehicle will certainly entice them. 


window labels & buyers guide

Customers can get all essential information branded to your dealership. Customizable to what makes your Dealership different.


Velocity Philosophy

Our core philosophy is: the better quality of service we provide, the faster our clients will turn inventory . We want to help you turn your inventory FASTER!

Service Visits:

This philosophy revolves around multiple service visits per week. Our competitors range between two and four days per week.  CarData goes above and beyond to provide seven days a week for service.

Time To Market:

It already takes too much time for a dealer to get a car available to their customers… We want to ensure you don’t have to wait around for your photo company. We understand the importance of getting that vehicle online NOW!

24/7 Support:

No 9 to 5 support hours, CarData is your partner in business and we understand your needs. CALL or TEXT us at any time and we guarantee solutions to whatever your issue is. 

Velocity Philosophy Advantages:

Less headaches, 
-TRUE vendor partner 
- Increased VDP’s
- Increased call volume 
-More exposure on 3rd party sites
- Larger digital footprint


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