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Offer Car Buyers What They Want

The car buying experience has changed. With dealership websites getting nearly 20 times the traffic as their physical locations, your potential customers are doing most of their shopping online. Make sure to capture their attention quickly and then keep it by using our custom car dealer videos. CarData Inc. can help you draw in new buyers and move your inventory faster.

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Why does your dealer website need car videos?

  • Most customers now start their car shopping online. Give them the resources they’re looking for.
  • Videos can keep customers on a web page longer, which increases their likelihood of making a purchase.
  • Your website’s organic presence online expands when you have videos on your site, meaning you appear in more internet searches.
  • Professionally made car dealer videos can help communicate the values and vision of your dealership, improving brand awareness.
  • Social media is a powerful marketing and sales tool, and videos are easy to share.
  • The right video can increase buyer confidence in their decision, making them more likely to convert or visit the dealership in-person.

Actual LIVE Walk Around Videos

Capturing the attention of the automotive shopper is what it’s all about. Transparency about the vehicle for sale is a major plus, showing multiple quality photos is a start, but giving the consumer a real video of the vehicle will certainly spark more interest. YouTube is the largest search engine in the world, Facebook launched it’s own video platform in 2015 to compete with YouTube; Periscope and MeerKat are on FIRE! What we are saying is, video is what people want to consume, and you can give it to them with our exclusive video services! All of your videos will be distributed to YouTube, Autotrader, etc.

Video Specs:

  • One to two minutes of complete, exterior and interior video.
  • Custom wrappers available.
  • Call to action buttons on the video player.
  • Map to dealer location.
  • Call dealer button.



In the era that we live in, there isn’t more powerful medium than video. Gone are the days when the newspaper want ads are where consumers look to buy a car, truck or SUV – at least the potential buyers you are trying to reach. At CarData, we specialize not only in presenting superior dealership photography, but also exceptional video and total vehicle experience. What is a total vehicle experience? The answer: the most effective way to sell a vehicle online. We provide video so real, so complete, that the only part of the experience missing is the new car smell.

Drive Conversions

Allowing the customer to explore a vehicle is a sure-fire way to gain additional interest. With a video from CarData, the experience of buying a car is changed forever. Those who have utilized this technology have experienced increased conversions, as well as inventory turnover. A car sitting on the dealership lot may be an exceptional vehicle with highly desirable features, but what is the likelihood that a casual browser will zero in on the vehicle stacked among all of the others?

Let’s face it, great vehicles get “lost” in the inventory static all the time, costing you the sale. With a 360° interior and exterior video the chance that a potential buyer will spend more time with the vehicle is increased tremendously.


How many times has a customer come into your dealership dead set on a particular vehicle, only to change their mind when another vehicle is suggested. With our recommendation feature, alternate options are displayed for the client. They can explore comparable vehicles, browse without pressure and maybe even settle on a vehicle that they did not know they wanted!

Low Pressure Shopping

While sales professionals are necessary, not every potential buyer is thrilled when contacted by a car salesperson. Certain customers do not respond well to high pressure sales and dealership tactics. A video offers the casual, as well as the serious car shopper, to search for a wide variety of vehicles in the comfort of their own home.

For the customers that prefer to browse online, the likelihood that they will head into the dealership is much better than utilizing only pictures in your campaign. Coupled with a lead submission form, a video will get those clients who do not want to miss out on the vehicle in the door.

Clickable Features

Does the vehicle have a unique feature? How about an exceptional set of wheels? The SpinCar system allows for hotspots to be included in the 360° walkaround feature which will compliment a video perfectly. This allows buyers to check out the fine details highlighted on the video walkaround.

These clickable features can highlight details like sound systems, wheels, engine components and almost anything else that you would like to show the potential buyer.       

Start Driving More Sales Now

Engage Your Customers Right Away

It's estimated that nearly 86% of all car buyers now begin their shopping on a dealer website. Just like you have strategies to grab their attention as they drive by your lot, you need to have distinct strategies for engaging them online. Stock photos are fine and dandy but don't always prep the buyer for purchase. Show your customers that you’re invested in their experience and their purchase by offering them the videos that are sure to capture their imagination.


Improved Website Engagement

When it comes to online sales, you have to be concerned with your website engagement metrics. One of the things you should be tracking is how long your customers stay on your site. Just like you look for ways to keep a potential customer on the lot to make a sale, you need to ensure that your website landing pages have enough user-friendly content on them to keep them engaged on your page. Videos, in particular, are a great way to educate customers about the vehicle, your services, or your financing and specials. The longer they spend on site, the more likely they are to convert.



Good For SEO

Internet search engines are always looking for more resources to better answer the questions of their users. It's a well-known fact that YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, second only to Google. As such, Google has started ranking YouTube videos or pages with video-rich content higher than pages without these elements. Having a walk-through or 360° video for each of the major models that you carry at your dealership is a great way to improve your organic rankings in search engines, meaning you draw more customers into your dealership.


Build Brand Awareness

Branding and marketing is nothing new to the world of car dealerships. Radio spots, newspaper ads, and TV commercials have been the mainstay of car dealerships for decades. Today, brand awareness is built off of all of these factors plus the videos on your website. By producing creative and engaging video ads, you can expand your brand awareness. 


Social Media Friendly

Of course, the easiest way to expand your brand in the age of the internet is by using social media. Major platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, all make it easier than ever to share a video quickly. In addition to placing your videos on your webpages, you can share them on all your social media outlets to increase engagement, and encourage your customers to share them. When your customers share the videos enough, you'll find that your video marketing budget goes further as your customers are essentially doing your work for you.


Let's Get Started!

Harnessing the power of video is essential to creating a wider audience for your dealership, and when coupled with the 360° walkaround, your professionally produced video by CarData is sure to produce results. Contact us today for more information about any of our video, photography and vehicle merchandising solutions.

Mazda of North Miami 2010 Dodge Charger Ad by CarData
Red 2010 Dodge Charger Feature image by CarData
Feature of Red Dodge From Mazda Of North Miami

Velocity Philosophy

Our core philosophy is: the better quality of service we provide, the faster our clients will turn inventory . We want to help you turn your inventory FASTER!

Service Visits:

This philosophy revolves around multiple service visits per week. Our competitors range between two and four days per week.  CarData goes above and beyond to provide seven days a week for service.

Time To Market:

It already takes too much time for a dealer to get a car available to their customers… We want to ensure you don’t have to wait around for your photo company. We understand the importance of getting that vehicle online NOW!

24/7 Support:

No 9 to 5 support hours, CarData is your partner in business and we understand your needs. CALL or TEXT us at any time and we guarantee solutions to whatever your issue is. 

Velocity Philosophy Advantages:

Less headaches, 
-TRUE vendor partner 
- Increased VDP’s
- Increased call volume 
-More exposure on 3rd party sites
- Larger digital footprint

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