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    Market Your Inventory Now!

    We are going into the season that is ideal for new car buying. Many of us will consider the possibility of trading our vehicle in for the newest and best. We all know that manufacturers release the 2019 model years in July or August and, depending on what is released, it can really jumpstart consumer spending. Whether you run a dealership or an independent automotive outlet, now is the time to beg…Read More

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    FEB 5 Prestige Audi

    We are pleased to welcome Prestige Audi to the CarData family of clients! We look forward to a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship with this #1 Audi retailer! Here's some information on this awesome dealer and the new facility they are building! PRESTIGE AUDI (WWW.PRESTIGEAUDIMIAMI.COM) Prestige Audi in North Miami will be home to the largest Audi building in the United States, with 360 …Read More

  3. Transparency Wins Customers

    Customers visit an average of seven dealership websites before visiting one dealership in person. Online shoppers expect full transparency or you lose and won't even know it. Representing your vehicles with multiple photos, videos, real comments explaining the details of that exact vehicle is a MUST! Contact CarData today for automotive inventory photographs, walkaround videos and vehicle marketin…Read More

  4. 40 under 40– Automotive

    Inspiring young automotive professionals! CarData is committed to providing the best automotive video walkarounds in addition to professional automotive inventory photography. We are proud to serve the Southeast's car dealers and consumers. Contact us today for more information about our vehicle photo and video services. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your business. http://w…Read More

  5. *New Client* Clearwater Toyota

    Today we welcome Clearwater Toyota to our family of clients! We are excited to bring them the very best in vehicle inventory merchandising. We specialize in automotive inventory photography, walkaround videos and professional photo services. Please contact us today for more information about adding your dealership to the CarData family. Sell more cars with quality videos and photographs! Please v…Read More

  6. Cars Will Be Getting Even Smarter!

    Please read the article I've linked to. It's a long read but basically Samsung is looking to get into the Auto parts business. Long term this means cars are just going to evolve deeply with technology and our vehicles will be doing things in 15-20 years that we can't even imagine today! http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-03/samsung-said-in-talks-to-buy-assets-of-fiat-auto-parts-unit-ir…Read More

  7. **New Client Alert** Coconut Creek AutoMall

    We are proud to announce that Coconut Creek AutoMall in Coconut Creek, Florida, is joining the CarData family. We will begin providing them with our vehicle inventory photography, video and merchandising expertise and helping them turn cars even faster! ----------------------------------------------- CarData, Inc. Is a full service inventory merchandising company for automotive retailers. We offer…Read More

  8. Anyone can do that ::sigh::

    Please don't leave your inventory merchandising in the Hands of untrained amateurs! What if you walked into a supermarket and all the items were thrown about the isles and not organized in a professional manner? Would you want to shop there? You should treat your website like a well run retail location. CarData provides PROFESSIONAL automotive inventory merchandising to our clients that allows the…Read More

  9. We LOVE rare cars!

    This is an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, it's already sold, just waiting for delivery. This little convertible looks so nice!  It is hard not to notice how much a set of professional photos can really set off a car. Of course it looks great in person and it would look incredible in someones garage but CarData makes it possible for your customers to stick their dream car on their refrigerator. With except…Read More