1. What Can CarData Do For You Today?

    When was the last time that you bought something sight unseen? How about the last time you looked in the wanted ads to find the perfect car? We are willing to bet that the answer to those questions are “never”. In today's media heavy society there are probably not too many customers that roll into a dealership without first looking into the inventory online. This is especially true for those d…Read More

  2. Automated Craigslist Postings

    Let our system automatically post your vehicles on Craigslist. Just a simple rule based system setup to ensure your budget is being maximized! Only $199 Per month for this automated system. Regardless of whether you choose a video walkaround or a selection of vehicle inventory photographs, CarData is committed to providing the finest vehicle inventory pictures and videos in the Southeast. Contact …Read More

  3. **New Client Alert** Coggin Buick GMC

    CarData welcomes Coggin Buick GMC in Jacksonville, FL to our family and we look forward to providing them with the attention they deserve from a lot service provider. CarData provides photography, videos, custom comments, SpinCar and MUCH more to help dealers properly merchandise their inventory. The secret lies within the exceptional video walkarounds and vehicle inventory photography that is the…Read More

  4. Live Video of your inventory

    Please see example of our live video service here: https://youtu.be/QDkroWzRE-g Capturing the essence of a car dealer video is the core of what we do at CarData. We will accurately depict the vehicle you are selling with interior as well as exterior video shots. If you prefer to feature your vehicles in photographs the expert automotive inventory photographers at CarData are ready to document and…Read More

  5. Investing Cash Into Merchandising

    There are multiple reasons why some automotive retailers are more successful than others when it comes to sales volume. Aggressive online pricing, buying process, trade-in process and added bonuses dealers give to customers and marketing. By far in today's world your online presence is most important, reviews, ratings, visibility, etc... If you do attract a customer to your website you need to ens…Read More

  6. Technology in The Automotive Industry

    Technology will change how everything is done. Stay ahead of the curve by keeping yourself surrounded by the industry experts at CarData, Inc. that care about your business. Check out this blog from Auto Remarketing about the impact a solid transition between online and your dealership can have on your sales. http://www.autoremarketing.com/technology/meet-your-sales-associate-you-get-dealership In…Read More

  7. Shopping Experience above all else

    Cadillac is betting big on VR technology. We would say it's a pretty good bet considering Mark Z. & Facebook have a large bet on it as well. Things change and people's behavior evolves. VR may be the next big hit to brick & mortar stores. In the end it all comes down to the shoppers experience, if you provide a better experience than your competitors then you are going to win. Here's the a…Read More

  8. Brilliant white headlights by CarData

    Napleton’s West Palm Hyundai

    We'd like to welcome aboard Napleton's West Palm Hyundai to our family of clients. We will be providing them with industry best automotive advertising products and services! www.WPBHyundai.com  We are proud to serve the video and photography services of dealerships from Florida to Texas and everywhere in between. The effectiveness of the CarData system is not just for dealers like Napleton's West…Read More

  9. Shopper Controlled Virtual Engagement

    The future is now! Give your customers a reason to engage with your inventory. http://www.turnacar.com for example TurnACar™ is a revolutionary technology experience, enabling shopper controllable virtual engagement with YOUR inventory. Our cutting-edge 360º degree photo viewing technology provides an immersive, shopper controllable experience proven to greatly increase time on site (VDP), dec…Read More