1. Cars Will Be Getting Even Smarter!

    Please read the article I've linked to. It's a long read but basically Samsung is looking to get into the Auto parts business. Long term this means cars are just going to evolve deeply with technology and our vehicles will be doing things in 15-20 years that we can't even imagine today! http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-03/samsung-said-in-talks-to-buy-assets-of-fiat-auto-parts-unit-ir…Read More

  2. Anyone can do that ::sigh::

    Please don't leave your inventory merchandising in the Hands of untrained amateurs! What if you walked into a supermarket and all the items were thrown about the isles and not organized in a professional manner? Would you want to shop there? You should treat your website like a well run retail location. CarData provides PROFESSIONAL automotive inventory merchandising to our clients that allows the…Read More

  3. Live Video of your inventory

    Please see example of our live video service here: https://youtu.be/QDkroWzRE-g Capturing the essence of a car dealer video is the core of what we do at CarData. We will accurately depict the vehicle you are selling with interior as well as exterior video shots. If you prefer to feature your vehicles in photographs the expert automotive inventory photographers at CarData are ready to document and…Read More

  4. Investing Cash Into Merchandising

    There are multiple reasons why some automotive retailers are more successful than others when it comes to sales volume. Aggressive online pricing, buying process, trade-in process and added bonuses dealers give to customers and marketing. By far in today's world your online presence is most important, reviews, ratings, visibility, etc... If you do attract a customer to your website you need to ens…Read More

  5. We LOVE rare cars!

    This is an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, it's already sold, just waiting for delivery. This little convertible looks so nice!  It is hard not to notice how much a set of professional photos can really set off a car. Of course it looks great in person and it would look incredible in someones garage but CarData makes it possible for your customers to stick their dream car on their refrigerator. With except…Read More

  6. Inventory Merchandising and Marketing

    CarData, Inc. Provides multiple products and services to bring attention to and draw action to your online vehicle listings. Staying ahead of your client base and offering them exactly what they need at the perfect time is all about utilizing the power of imagery. At CarData we specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of automotive inventory merchandising options. From exceptional photos to 3…Read More

  7. MANAGEMENT- Inside Sales Representative- Pompano Beach, FL

    CarData, Inc. (www.CarData.us), is recruiting an Inside Sales Representative to call on automotive dealers. CarData, Inc. provides and sells inventory management & merchandising solutions for the automotive industry. This is a REAL work from home opportunity with salary + bonuses to the right candidate. Location: Pompano Beach, Florida Department: Management Employment Type: Full-Time Minim…Read More