1. Technology in The Automotive Industry

    Technology will change how everything is done. Stay ahead of the curve by keeping yourself surrounded by the industry experts at CarData, Inc. that care about your business. Check out this blog from Auto Remarketing about the impact a solid transition between online and your dealership can have on your sales. http://www.autoremarketing.com/technology/meet-your-sales-associate-you-get-dealership In…Read More

  2. Inventory Merchandising and Marketing

    CarData, Inc. Provides multiple products and services to bring attention to and draw action to your online vehicle listings. Staying ahead of your client base and offering them exactly what they need at the perfect time is all about utilizing the power of imagery. At CarData we specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of automotive inventory merchandising options. From exceptional photos to 3…Read More

  3. JUN 11 Classic Cars

    These cars just make us feel good inside! As much as we are serious about assisting automotive dealerships with their inventory merchandising, we are truly artists at heart. The reflection of the Florida sky in the firey red Fairlane is enough to bring anyone back to the good old days of automobiles. The breezy trips to the beach that this car must have made in the 50's and 60's are all but a memo…Read More

  4. We love what we do

    We love what we do! We love our awesome clients and the beautiful vehicles they buy/sell. This business truly gets into your blood and it is exciting sharing such amazing vehicles for our clients. Take this WRX for example, what about that thing could make you not want to run down to the dealership and check it out? Ahh but if the pictures were grainy, like they were taken on a busted cell phone t…Read More

  5. Shopper Controlled Virtual Engagement

    The future is now! Give your customers a reason to engage with your inventory. http://www.turnacar.com for example TurnACar™ is a revolutionary technology experience, enabling shopper controllable virtual engagement with YOUR inventory. Our cutting-edge 360º degree photo viewing technology provides an immersive, shopper controllable experience proven to greatly increase time on site (VDP), dec…Read More

  6. SALES- Outside Market Sales Rep- Montgomery, AL

    Outside Sales Rep Selling to Automotive Dealerships CarData, Inc. - Montgomery, AL South Florida’s largest automotive data, video, and photo collection company is seeking a skilled full-time Outside Sales Representative to join our growing team in Montgomery, Alabama. Location: Montgomery, Alabama Department: Sales Employment Type: Full-Time Minimum Experience: Experienced Compensation: $2,000 …Read More