1. Information Overload Myth

    There is no such thing as information overload when it comes to businesses giving browsers information on products. This includes automotive dealers and how they merchandise their inventory. Here are a few basic tasks every dealer should be doing or ensuring their vendor is doing: Photography All vehicles should have multiple photos showing all angles and added-on or "differentiating" equipment. …Read More

  2. Quality Photos tell the story

    As a car dealer in this day and age you can only hire so many people to spin those big arrows on the corner, sooner or later you need to capitalize on a professional vehicle inventory photographer like CarData Inc. Marketing your inventory online can be tough and if you are still snapping photos of your stock on your iPad, it is time to ask yourself a few questions.   Are you taking quality, stag…Read More

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    FEB 26 Drive, Engage & Convert Browsers to Buyers!

    Vehicle Videos Attract, Engage and convert browsers! The popularity of videos in our daily lives has reached the point where almost anything you ever wanted to know can be accessed through a video. This has been a major boon for training employees, pursuing interests and of course, selling vehicles. A video might just be the ideal way to present a vehicle for sale. Full Access The importance of wh…Read More