Is Carvana Really Changing Automotive Retail?

    Everyone is enamored by the Carvana & Vroom's (www.carvana.com) (www.vroom.com) in the automotive space now. How are they any different? This article points out some of things they are doing: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/06/01/how-carvana-is-disrupting-the-used-car-industry.aspx If you deal with automotive retailers daily like we do there is an inside look into the beast that is the aut…Read More

  2. CarData, Inc. Spin360 | Vroom Logo

    VROOM IPO; Perfect Timing?

    It looks like VROOM will be filing for an IPO in the near future. It's estimated they will have a valuation of $1.93 Billion while aiming to raise $300 Million in the IPO. Most automotive retailers have recently been cutting into profit margins by slashing prices to lower inventory counts. Carvana Co. [CVNA] (www.carvana.com) is up by +13.59% and taking advantage of being a technology based automo…Read More

  3. Carvana launches in 4 Mid-Atlantic markets

    Carvana continues expansion into 4 New markets

    Carvana is expanding into Hagerstown, Md., Salisbury, Md., Charlottesville, Va., and Roanoke, Va. --- The unique way they merchandise inventory has paid huge rewards thus far and they are gaining online shoppers trust to do an almost fully online purchase process. ** https://www.autoremarketing.com/retail/carvana-launches-4-mid-atlantic-markets ** Carvana now offers as-soon-as-next-day vehicle del…Read More