1. Spin360_CarData Engaging Merchandising

    Replicate Physical Experience – The Next Frontier in Dealership Merchandising | CarData, Inc.

    What do you want when you're shopping online? Whether you're shopping for a pair of headphones, an ATV, a car or a House you want all the information you can get as long as it's organized in a meaningful easy to digest format. Hi Quality Photos Explainer, How-To or Feature Videos Fact Sheet on product features Sellers Description of product As online retailers we need to gear our websites & ou…Read More

  2. Your Marketing Resolutions CarData Banner

    Your Marketing Resolutions

    This is the time of year when everyone is thinking about what the next year will bring. From a business standpoint, it is time to get your ducks in a row when it comes to a more unique marketing solution for your dealership. You have probably explored all of the old standard avenues and maybe have been very successful. At CarData, we are committed to providing the finest inventory images and video…Read More

  3. Investing Cash Into Merchandising

    There are multiple reasons why some automotive retailers are more successful than others when it comes to sales volume. Aggressive online pricing, buying process, trade-in process and added bonuses dealers give to customers and marketing. By far in today's world your online presence is most important, reviews, ratings, visibility, etc... If you do attract a customer to your website you need to ens…Read More

  4. Automotive Photography

    We get all the angles necessary to show off your inventory! If you're an automotive retailer you need CarData, Inc. As your partner to ensure the proper merchandising of your vehicles! Take for instance this gorgeous BMW. The dynamic way it is posed with the dealership sign clearly displayed in the background. The whole thing looks natural but to get a picture like this a certain amount of plannin…Read More

  5. Technology in The Automotive Industry

    Technology will change how everything is done. Stay ahead of the curve by keeping yourself surrounded by the industry experts at CarData, Inc. that care about your business. Check out this blog from Auto Remarketing about the impact a solid transition between online and your dealership can have on your sales. http://www.autoremarketing.com/technology/meet-your-sales-associate-you-get-dealership In…Read More

  6. JUN 11 Classic Cars

    These cars just make us feel good inside! As much as we are serious about assisting automotive dealerships with their inventory merchandising, we are truly artists at heart. The reflection of the Florida sky in the firey red Fairlane is enough to bring anyone back to the good old days of automobiles. The breezy trips to the beach that this car must have made in the 50's and 60's are all but a memo…Read More

  7. ACTUAL Live Videos

    Actual videos are just one more way you can help your customers make their buying decision. At CarData we believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and no, we did not just make that up. If pictures speak that loudly, just think of how effective videos are at gaining the attention of the audience. The New Commerce Gone are the days when the want ads were the place to find your next new or u…Read More