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    VROOM IPO; Perfect Timing?

    It looks like VROOM will be filing for an IPO in the near future. It's estimated they will have a valuation of $1.93 Billion while aiming to raise $300 Million in the IPO. Most automotive retailers have recently been cutting into profit margins by slashing prices to lower inventory counts. Carvana Co. [CVNA] (www.carvana.com) is up by +13.59% and taking advantage of being a technology based automo…Read More

  2. Digital Retailing is necessary

    How Dealerships Can Avoid Becoming the next J.C. Penney’s

    April 14, 1902 was the founding date of J.C. Penney Company. In 1971 the company had revenues of $5 Billion (equivalent to $31.6 Billion in 2020) with 2,053 stores. On May 15, 2020 J.C. Penney filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and announced there would be hundreds of stores closing. Of course the coronavirus pandemic is partially to blame for the speed of this filing but it has been comin…Read More


    Spin360 is ESSENTIAL!

    Dealerships are moving quickly to make online shopping friendly & engaging. The recent pandemic has uncovered holes in dealership websites. One of the biggest issues found was on the VDP's themselves, long load times, terrible photos & nothing that intrigues the online shopper to engage with the product (Your Vehicle). Dealers found they needed to completely revamp the way they merchandise…Read More