1. Spin360_CarData Engaging Merchandising

    Replicate Physical Experience – The Next Frontier in Dealership Merchandising | CarData, Inc.

    What do you want when you're shopping online? Whether you're shopping for a pair of headphones, an ATV, a car or a House you want all the information you can get as long as it's organized in a meaningful easy to digest format. Hi Quality Photos Explainer, How-To or Feature Videos Fact Sheet on product features Sellers Description of product As online retailers we need to gear our websites & ou…Read More

  2. Digital Retailing is necessary

    How Dealerships Can Avoid Becoming the next J.C. Penney’s

    April 14, 1902 was the founding date of J.C. Penney Company. In 1971 the company had revenues of $5 Billion (equivalent to $31.6 Billion in 2020) with 2,053 stores. On May 15, 2020 J.C. Penney filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and announced there would be hundreds of stores closing. Of course the coronavirus pandemic is partially to blame for the speed of this filing but it has been comin…Read More

  3. Dodge Demon Logo taken by CarData

    The Devil is in the Details! – CarData highlights the DETAILS!

    Why is your vehicle $1,000 more than the vehicle that looks EXACTLY the same when a customer is just browsing through hundreds of vehicle listings? Customers do all of their research online and are typically overloaded with information and become impatient when browsing. That's why its critical to quickly & efficiently point out what makes your vehicle worth the money and why they should take …Read More