1. CarData, Inc. Merchandising

    VRM – Doubled IPO

    Wow, The online automotive retailer VROOM (VRM) has doubled it's IPO price in a short time on the exchange. Investors are showing they aren't afraid to bet on "future" retailers even if they aren't yet profitable. "unlike many of the other strong IPO performers this year, Vroom opened around $39 and continued to catch a bid throughout the rest of the day (despite a down day for the stock market in…Read More


    Is Carvana Really Changing Automotive Retail?

    Everyone is enamored by the Carvana & Vroom's (www.carvana.com) (www.vroom.com) in the automotive space now. How are they any different? This article points out some of things they are doing: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/06/01/how-carvana-is-disrupting-the-used-car-industry.aspx If you deal with automotive retailers daily like we do there is an inside look into the beast that is the aut…Read More

  3. Carvana launches in 4 Mid-Atlantic markets

    Carvana continues expansion into 4 New markets

    Carvana is expanding into Hagerstown, Md., Salisbury, Md., Charlottesville, Va., and Roanoke, Va. --- The unique way they merchandise inventory has paid huge rewards thus far and they are gaining online shoppers trust to do an almost fully online purchase process. ** https://www.autoremarketing.com/retail/carvana-launches-4-mid-atlantic-markets ** Carvana now offers as-soon-as-next-day vehicle del…Read More

  4. BeastGrip PRO photo tools used by CarData

    How a $30 Million Investment Could Reshape Online Car Sales

    Even just a decade ago, perhaps the best way to find the right car for your needs was to simply visit your local car dealership. After all, that was just about the only way to view the dealer inventory, ask about pricing and financing, and most importantly, see the condition of the vehicles you’re interested in. But with the overwhelming industry shift to online sales, car dealers have had to fi…Read More