Is Carvana Really Changing Automotive Retail?

    Everyone is enamored by the Carvana & Vroom's (www.carvana.com) (www.vroom.com) in the automotive space now. How are they any different? This article points out some of things they are doing: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/06/01/how-carvana-is-disrupting-the-used-car-industry.aspx If you deal with automotive retailers daily like we do there is an inside look into the beast that is the aut…Read More

  2. Safely-Providing-Services

    Safely Providing Essential Services | CarData, Inc.

    We understand dealerships have to go above & beyond in today's climate to stay clean in all ways! Your customers DEMAND it! We are continuing to provide our essential lot services such as Spin360 , Photography, Videos & Window labels/Buyers Guides. We have changed HOW we do it to ensure your customers can feel safe that anyone whom has been in or around your dealership & vehicles has t…Read More