1. I would recommend to any company

    I would recommend the services provided by CarData, Inc. to any company that is looking for a quality, prompt lot service provider that provides solutions to help sell more cars!…Read More

    Nick Bellefroid - Gunther VW Delray Beach
  2. I would recommend to any dealer looking to turn cars quicker!

    After switching our 3rd party inventory marketing services to CarData inc. we have been serviced 5 to 6 days per week on a regular basis. This everyday service has helped our used car department get the fresh inventory online very quickly which has helped with turn. In today's internet driven market…Read More

    Larry S - Acura Pines
  3. I would recommend the Actual Live Video Service

    In today's market customers expect dealers to give them every piece of information possible on the car they are going to potentially buy. Going even further the customer expects to be able to find all of that information online without ever talking or stepping foot into the actual dealership. We fou…Read More

    Gretel Santana - Toyota of South Florida
  4. Valuable Vendor to Our Dealership

    CarData, Inc. is a valuable vendor to our dealership. they help us tremendously with our online marketing efforts and our New vehicle merchandising. not only do they service our dealer multiple times per week but they keep our photo percentage very high. This helps us tremendously because everyone k…Read More

    Gail Gensier - Esserman International
  5. Top Notch Service

    My Experience with CarData, Inc. has been pleasant and i would recommend their services to any automotive dealership looking for professional photographs, top notch service and 24/7 support…Read More

    David Cuesta - Infiniti Springs
  6. Excellent Service and a True Partner

    The service CarData, Inc. provides to us is extraordinary and they keep us on top of the game when it comes to our internet marketing efforts. We have a rep at our dealership 5-6 days per week and they always keep the inventory up to date online with multiple photos & videos. I would recommend C…Read More

    Bernie Suarez - Toyota of South Florida