Our core philosophy is: the better quality of service we provide, the faster our clients will turn inventory . We want to help you turn your inventory FASTER!

Service Visits:

This philosophy revolves around multiple service visits per week. Our competitors typically only come between two and four days, and sometimes only 5 days per week. CarData goes above and beyond and provides seven day per week service.

Time To Market:

It already takes too much time for a dealer to get a new car a pre delivery inspection, washed etc… A used car can take even more time depending on the vehicle. We want to ensure that if you are firing on all cylinders and don’t have to worry about waiting for your “photo company” to come around and do their job. We understand the importance of getting that vehicle online NOW!

24/7 Support:

No 9 to 5 support hours, and most importantly, no finger pointing when an issue arises; CarData is your partner in business and we understand you need to be spending your time selling cars and servicing clients, not on hold with your website vendor. CALL or TEXT us on our LOCAL cell phone #’s at any time and we guarantee solutions to whatever your issue is. Although our home base is in Pompano Beach, FL all of our operations are run locally by our “market managers”. This gives you the ability to have someone available and local 24/7 while also having the option to call our corporate headquarters if necessary.

Advantages of our VELOCITY Philosophy:

  • Less headaches, TRUE vendor partner on your side to handle all issues
  • Increased VDP’s
  • Increased call volume (More customers on your site due to more cars w/photos)
  • More exposure on 3rd party sites
  • Larger digital footprint