CarData, Inc. Is Here to Help You

Looking for new ways to sell cars and move inventory? Then we’re here for you! CarData, Inc. is your full-service automotive advertising company that specializes in strategies that draw in and convert online car buyers. We recognize the powerful car buying experience you provide for your customers, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with the same level of courtesy and customer service that you offer your own clients. When you partner with us we can help you turn over your inventory faster.

Advantages of our VELOCITY Philosophy:

  • Avoid the headaches, we’re the vendor partner you can trust!
  • Improved and more appealing Vehicle Details Pages (VDP).
  • With more details and better photos on your site, you’ll draw in more customers, and could see an increase in call volume.
  • Get better exposure on third-party sites that can help you convert more customers.
  • With more photos and videos, the digital footprint of your dealer site expands, meaning your customers engage with your site more.

When you visit our competitors’ sites, you’re likely greeted by an endless litany of promises and sales pitches. But here at CarData, Inc., we do things a little bit differently. Instead of making promises we have a driving philosophy that you’ll find is strikingly reminiscent to your own:
Velocity Philosophy
Our core philosophy is simple: The better the quality of service we provide, the faster our clients will turn inventory. We want to help you turn your inventory FASTER!

We’re invested in the growth of your car dealership because it means that we can share in your success.

Service Visits:

The foundation of our philosophy is based on our services and how often we visit your dealership. Our competitors don’t always make you a priority and may only visit your dealership two or three times a week. Not only is this inconvenient for you, but it means you’re not getting the attention you deserve. We go above and beyond by providing our services to your dealership seven days a week.

Time to Market:

We understand that there are a variety of factors that can keep you from getting a new car on the market. From pre-delivery inspection to washing and creating a listing there’s a lot that goes into getting a new car ready for sale. Moreover, a used car can take even more time to get ready for sale than a new one.

When time is of the essence and you’re looking to move cars fast, the last thing you want is to wait for your car dealer photographer to do their job. We recognize the importance of moving inventory quickly and that’s why we offer the detailed and frequent support you need to make the sales that help your business grow.

24/7 Support:

The fact is, not all issues will happen during the 9-to-5 business day. That’s why we offer 24/7 support for whenever you need your partners here at CarData. Your time is valuable and we know that you need to be spending it selling cars not stuck on hold with a website or car dealer photographer. That’s why we encourage you to CALL or TEXT us on our LOCAL cell phone #’s at any time so we can provide you with the solutions to whatever issues you may face.

While we may be based in Pompano Beach, Florida, we use a team of local “market managers” to provide you with our expert level of service and care. This means that you always have someone nearby and available 24/7 to meet your needs plus the option of calling our corporate headquarters if necessary.


How Can We Help Your Dealership Grow?

CarData, Inc. offers the photo and video services your dealership needs to bring in more customers and sell more cars. Contact us today and ask for a consultation.